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News 2007

Vinny at Reno Pull 11/10-11/11

Vinny pulling 1160 55 times his body weight!

Vinny Pulling 1520 72 times his body weight!!!!

Vinny had a great weekend he took 1st both days. He earned his UWPCH and pulled over the thousand pound mark for the first time in competition. He is currently ranked 17 in the UKC Weight Pull All Stars list and this will defenitly move him up.

Claremont Show 10/27-10/28

Cyra with Champions win and Breed under Judge Dorothy Jacobs.

Cyra with Champions, Breed and Reserve Best in Show.

Cyra had a great weekend first one of her pups won and then it was her turn. She won 3 Champions classes and 2 Best of Breed. The topper was that she took Reserve under Jerry Brown for Best in Show.

Claremont Show 10/27-10/28

Mack looking good in the ring.

Mack with Judge Judy Threlfall.

Mack had a good show this weekend. He is only 7 month old and in the Champions class. He won the Champions and took Breed. It had to be the tie! Good job guys!

Racing in Oakdale 10/6-10/7

Mack racing for fun and looking good.

Mack was a natural.


Racing in Oakdale 10/6-10/7

Vinny was behind but came out victorious!

Klaire and Cyra

The battle between the two chocolate girsl went to Cyra. After the race Klaire did get her revenge in a fun match.

Terrier Races is Oakdale 10/6-10/7

Vinny ahead of the pack.

All of the Patterdale crew in Oakdale

Vinny took to racing like all the other dogs but he excelled in it. On Sunday he could not be stopped. He took 1st in every heat and had the fastest time overall.

Hanford Show 9/29-9/30/07

Vinny pulling!

Asia showing off her ribbons from the weekend.

While Mack and Asia were busy kicking but in the ring Vinny was busy pulling. He had a little rust but went right at it. Vinny was rooting on his half brother and sister. Check out the RIMS on the cart.

Hanford Show 9/29-9/30/07

CH. CMC's Lady Asia

Asia waiting to get in the ring.

Asia became a show Champion this weekend. We would like to thank Debbie again for helping out. This nice little female has done really well in the ring. We would like to thank the Wong family for all the work they have put into this girl. Look out Mack in the Champions class Asia is coming for you!

Hanford Show 9/29-9/30/07

CH. CMC's Mighty Mack of Dodgion with Judge Jerry Brown. He took 1st in group!

Mack with his Ribbon.

Mack became a Champion show dog this weekend and to top it all off he took the terrier group at 6 months old! Congradulation to Bob and Paulette on his Championship. He earned this in two weekend. Can't wait to see what he does in the champion group.

Sparks UKC show on 9/22-9/23

Mack with the best of breed.

Asia with the best of breed.

This was a COLD show with rain and hail! It was the battle of the pups both Mack and Asia split the weekend. This was there first show for points and they racked them up.

Asia at the Rancho Cardova show.

Reserve best in show puppy novice.


Asia and her brother had a battle. Asia took reserve best in show. We would like to thank Debbie for helping a buddy in need. We have some great friends and would like to thank everyone. This was the Rancho Cardova show on 8/19/07.

Mighy Mack at Show.

Mack at the Rancho Cardova show.


Mack was in some pretty thick competiton against his sister. Mack took best of breed and beat out Asia twice. Bob and Mack were in force!

Cyra becomes a Champion.

Cyra in Rancho Cardova


Cyra became a UKC conformation champion at the Rancho Cardova show on 8/19/07. We would like to thank Cathy Thomas for showing her, finishing her and wardrobe pointers. No more hats!

Switch becomes Champion!

Rancho Cardova


Switch became a UKC conformation champion at the Rancho Cardova show on 8/19/07. It was a very good weekend for the Patterdales!

Mack wins reserve in best puppy in Dixon.

Mack and Bob

Mack posing.

Both Mack and Asia had a great first show. Mack edged out Asia for breed at both shows. Great job to both pups.

Switch takes Reserve for Best in Show!


Switch with her runner up ribbon.

Switch had a great show. She took the Terrier group twice and was reserve in the Best in Show. Switch lost to our friend Armando the Presa. We would like to give a big thank you to Bob who helped show our dogs.


Mighty Mack

Mack looking good.

Mack was in a fun match at the ARBA show in Dixon and took Best of Show for the match! Good job Bob!

Vinny gets his UWP.



Vinny received his UWP this weekend for weight pull. He pulled 42 times his weight on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday Vinny was awarded with the most weight pulled for body weight.

Vinny gets His Champion and two total dog awards!

Vinny on his way to pull 680 pounds.

Vinny in the ring.

Vinny recieved his conformation championship in two days! He also was awarded with the Total Dog for conformation and weight pull for both days this weekend. To receive the Total Dog award he won in the ring then pulled 23 times his weight and 29 times his weight for the two days. Vinny is the first Patterdale Terrier to receive a Total Dog!

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Jason Crociani
Northern California


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