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News 2008

What a great Year 2008 was for CMC.

Brass hits number 6 for the top ten.

Vinny hits number 3 for Weight Pull All Stars.

Brass was showed very limited this year due to his young age. He won several Best in Show puppy and his first weekend of age Championed out winning over the number 1 dog in UKC and his half brother Mack. Vinny had an excellent year! He earned 3 titles this year and hit #3 in Weight Pull. He also won 3 weight pull competitons!

What a great Year 2008 was for CMC.

Klaire hits number 2 for top ten.

Cyra ties Klaire for number 2 for top ten.

These girls were battling all year and at the last days of the year Cyra caught up to her. Thank for Deb, Vicki and Bob for helping us out showing Cyra durring the year.

Oroville show and weight pull 12/26-12/29

Vinny pulling

Vinny doing his thing.

Vinny had a great weekend! He earned his Outstanding degree and received 3 first place awards. This was a great year for him he is currently #4 out of all other breeds in UKC and has earned 3 titles this year along with his TT.

Oroville show and weight pull 12/26-12/29

Cyra posing in the ring.

Cyra and her son Brass waiting for best of breed.

Cyra and her son Brass were battling it out all weekend. Cyra ended up winning 6 out of the 8 best of breed for the weekend. She finished up the year very strong, produced an excellent show dog in Brass, and her other son Mack. Who ended up number 1 for the year.

Oroville show and weight pull 12/26-12/29

Brass with Ray Draper for Best of Breed

Brass looking good waiting for the ring.

Brass had a great weekend. He earned 2 best of breeds and earned 2 legs towards his grand championship beating out 2 mature champions. Brass is only 8 months old and is the number 6 dog in the country!

Las Vegas show 10/18, 10/19 and 10/20

Brass in for Terrier Group

Mack looking good in the ring.

It was a great weekend for the dogs. Brass our 6 month old male had his coming out party. He took 3 best of winner and one best of breed. He earned his Championship in one weeked! We can't believe he will be in the Champions class already. We also brought our good friends Shelly and Ricks patterdale, Morgan, with us. We were also able to earn her Championship too. Then there was Mack he cleaned up with 4 Best in Breeds and a Terrier Group One. He has been very consistent this year. Bob and Paulette you have done a great job with him. The only bad thing about the weekend was the lighting for the photos. Wish we had more.

Loomis show 10/18/08

Mack wins Breed under Barbara Marin

Mack wins Breed under Rebecca Harris

Bob and Mack were on today! I think it had to be the pancakes. Mack was performing like a champ in the ring. Great job with Mack and the Pancakes.

BRNC Races 10/11/08



Thank you to Dave Mills for taking these photographs.

BRNC Races 10/12/08

Klaire and Smokey duke it out for first. Smokey wins!

Cyra and Switch battling for best female.

The Patterdales were out in full force this weekend. We had a full class of 8 patterdales racing. A great big thanks to the Borzoi Rescue Nor Cal for letting the patterdales come out and race! We had so much fun and are looking forward to the next races November 8th and 9th. The races are open to all breeds, so if you are interested and live in the Sacramento area let us know and we will forward the information. All proceeds go to the Borzoi Rescue Nor Cal.

BRNC Races 10/12/08

Mack against the rat terriers


Mighty Mack was out to race all who opposed him. He won best male on 10/11/08. Go Mack! A great big thanks to the Borzoi Rescue Nor Cal for letting the patterdales come out and race!

Loomis Speciality Show 10/04/08

Mack and Bob


Mack was in a battle with his mom in the ring. They split the Patterdale Specialty both winning Breed once. Mack is currently #1 in UKC for the breed and is also #1 in ARBA for the breed. This year has gone really fast and we can't believe what this little dog has done. Kudos to Bob and Paulette for their hard work it has definitely paid off.

Loomis Speciality Show 10/04/08

Cyra with Vicki


Cyra took Breed in the first Patterdale Specialty of the day. Vicki has done a nice job with Cyra and Cy loves it! Thanks VIcki you're the greatest!

Reno Show 9/21/08



Klaire earns her GRCH under judges Jim and Judy Jones. She recieved 2 Best of Breeds and 2 group 4's.

Hayward 9/7/08

Mack doing his thing.

The patterdales for breed.

Here in the ring from front to back is Mack, Switch and Morgan. Mack ended up winning and racking up the points with best of breed.

Hayward show 9/7/08

Switch out of retirement???

Switch being spanned on the table.

This was Switch's first show in almost a year and a half. We couldn't believe that she had won breed and took 4th in group. In the photo she is being spanned as that is a very important part of the breed standard. The hand should be able to go completly around the back of shoulders if not the dog can not do what its purpose is for, and thats getting into the earth. There are a lot of big dogs out there and we try to stay true to the breed in keeping our dogs spannable.

Hayward show 9/7/08

Morgan from RHK in her first show weekend.

Morgan doing a great job on the table.

Morgan looked great!!! This was her first weekend of showing and we were all very pleased with her. She moves really well and was really good on the table. Good job Shelly!

Hayward show 9/6/08

Brass winning Best in Show under Dennis Morgan.

Brass Winning Best in Show under Pat Johnson.

Brass in his second weekend did it again. He had 4 Best in Show. There was no competition in this show but it is great experience for a little pup.

Hayward show 9/6/08

Klaire on the table.

Mack looking good as usual.

Mack and Klaire split the day. Mack took 1 best in breed and was placed 2nd in Terrier group. Klaire had took 1 best in breed for the day.

Rancho Cordova 9/1/08

Brass winnning Best in Show puppy under Ruth Kramer

Brass winning Best in Show puppy under Kim Allison

Brass had an outstanding first weekend. Out of the 6 shows he had 4 Best in Shows and 2 Reserve Best in Show Novice Puppy. We couldn't have asked for anything more from this weekend.

Rancho Cordova 9/1/08

Mack with a Best of Breed under Ruth Kramer

Mack with a Best of Breed under Kim Allison

Mack kicked but this weekend! He won 5 out of 6 Best of Breeds.

Rancho Cordova Show 8/31/08

Brass winning Best in Show novice Puppy under Danny Bussard

Brass taking reserve Best in Show under John Booth.

Brass is following in the foot steps of his half brother Mack. In the last two days Brass has 2 Best in Shows and 2 Reserve Best in Show novice puppy wins. Not bad for his first time out.

Rancho Cordova show 8/31/08

Mack looking looking very good in the ring,

Mack taking best of breed under John Booth.

Mack was on his "A" game today. He won Best of Breed 2 times today and took a group 3 in Terriers.

Rancho Cordova Show 8/30/08



Cyra took a win in the grand champion class against her son Mack.

Rancho Cordova Show 8/30/08



Mack Had a great start to a long show weekend. He took a best of breed and won 2 points towards Top Ten. Go Mack!

Vinny at Reno pull on 8/15-8/17/08

UWPV UWPCHX CH Autumn Russels High Voltage TT


Vinny pulled like a champ! He earned his UWPCHX and pulled 2000 pounds for the first time. To see video's of Mack and Vinny pulling click on the video link. Mack also earned his UWP congratulations Bob and Paulette.

Mack gets his TT in Dixon on 8/3/08

Mack performing well under gun fire.

Mack being very protecive against a drunk with a stick.

Vinny and Mack both took their TT today. Both of them passed. Mack scored the highest out of the two. The judge actually wanted to bring him home with him. There is several steps in this process and basically it slowly puts a lot of stress on the dogs and the judges watches the dogs reactions to the steps. Vinny is the first Patterdale to get this and Mack is the second by 7 minutes. Sorry Mack. If you would like more info on this test we have a link on our page.


Vinny gets his TT at Dixon on 8/3/08

Vinny Checking out the Bucket

Vinny walking on a Plastic surface.

Vinny and Mack both took their TT today. Both of them passed. There is several steps in this process and basically it slowly puts a lot of stress on the dogs and the judges watches the dogs reactions to the steps. Vinny is the first Patterdale to get this and Mack is the second by 7 minutes. Sorry Mack. If you would like more info on this test we have a link on our page.

Ranch Cardova show 7/19-7/20



Congradulation to Mack! He took Best of Breed twice and became a Grand Champion this week!

Ranch Cardova Show 7/19-7/20

Cyra takes Breed.


Cyra under Rebecca Harris took Breed on Saturday.

Cyra wins TERRIER GROUP at Premier on Saturday 6/14/08.



This was the biggest win so far at CMC. Thanks so much for Cathy and Debbie taking Cyra back with the Presas to premier and a special thanks to Debbie for showing her for us. Cyra under Judge Carol Gaines won the Terrier Group and doing so beat out 15 other terrier best of breed winners. The group she went up against included the American Hairless, American Pit Bull, Australian, Bull, Cesky, Manchester, Parson Russel, Rat, Russell, Sealyham, Silky, Soft-Coated Wheaten, Staffordshire, Teddy Roosevelt and Toy Fox Terriers. This win was after Cyra's puppies were only 9 weeks old!

7/13 Maybe a first? Klaire takes 1st place at Splash Dog!

Klaires Jump

Swimming back to the dock.

This was a fun day. This was the first time we got one of the dogs to jump. Klaire loved it! Thanks to the pit crew of Shelly and Rick. Klaire took first in the Lap Dog group.

Ranch Cardova Show 6/29

Klaire kicking it in second gear.

Vinny doing his thing.

The pulling duo was at it again. Klaire took a 3rd in weight percentage and Vinny took 1st back to back days. It was a very hot day but the dogs pulled it out.

Ranch Cardova Show 6/29

Mighty Mack looking great in the ring.

Mack with another victory for breed.

Mack had a great weekend. Mack received a second total dog in 2 days. This little dog is on FIRE! Congrats Bob and Paulette.

Ranch Cardova Show 6/29

The Patterdales for Breed

Cyra with the win!

Cyra took the breed and was placed 4th in Terrier group.

Klaire in Rancho Cardova 6/28

Klaire gets her Total dog and UWP!

Klaire in Best of Show!

Klaire has had a great 2 days! She became a show champion last night wining the Patterdale Special and then taking reserve Best in Show. She followed it up with receiving her UWP today along with a TOTAL DOG and winning the terrier group. This dog has a great future a head of her! Thanks again Shelly and Rick!

Mack and Emmet get a total dog!

Emet a friend of ours got his TOTAL DOG!

Might Mack gets his first TOTAL DOG

This was a great day for all the Patterdales we had 3 Total Dogs. And if you look at last years news you would see Mack grow up in the ring and now is doing it in the PULL. Congrats to both dogs. Mack took a best for breed to get his.

Vinny Pulling in Rancho Cardova 6/28

A very strong pull on a hot day

Vinny doing it again!

Vinny had a strong day of pulling! He took 1st in total weight by percentage! This is a great honor for such a little dog. It was a very hard day and had to pull the weight up hill! Vinny earned his UWPV degree from this weekend.

Reno Weight Pull on 5/9-5/11



Vinny had a great 3 days of pulling. He took 1st place all 3 days and had pulled 77 times his body weight.

Shamus here in California 2/2/08

Anglo Americans What a Shamus


I would like to thank Andrea at Anglo American Patterdales for flying her prize boy out here. This is an exciting breeding that we have been looking foward to for months. We will be keeping a pup and will hopefully hit some shows with the him or her this year.

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