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News 2009

This is how we ended up for the year. It was a great year for all the dogs!




This is how we ended up for the year. It was a great year for all the dogs!




This is how we ended up for the year. It was a great year for all the dogs!




This is how we ended up for the year. It was a great year for all the dogs!




This is how we ended up for the year. It was a great year for all the dogs!




This is how we ended up for the year. It was a great year for all the dogs!




10/31 Races

All the girls out of the gate with Asia getting major air in the back.

Asia making a nice jump.

The class was all the girls with Klaire, Asia and Sade.

10/31/09 Races in Modesto

Klaire in the lead, with Asia not far behind

Brass, Vinny, and Shamus racing hard to be first

They all raced with a lot of heart, and had a blast!

Rancho Cordova



The pups were neck and neck today. Boomer got one win, and Tara got one. Tara is now a champion! Thanks Cathy for all the hard work you have done with her. You guys did great!

Rancho Cordova 8/29/09

Boomer on the table

Tara with a down and back

The pups are finally 6 months old! They duked it out for class placements. Tara won both best of winners classes today and took breed beating our her grandma Cyra! Way to go Tara.

Rancho Cordova 7/19/09



Vinny is a rock! He always pulls his heart out.

Rancho Cordova 7/18/09

Tara on the table

Cathy and Tara

Congrats to Tara and Cathy for taking a Reserve Best in Show Novice Puppy!

Rancho Cordova 7/17/09


Cyra takes group 3

This was a specialty with terriers and hounds.

Rancho Cardova show 6/27-6/28

Boomer and Tara in the ring for breed.

Boomer kissing up to the judge.

Boomer won best in show novice puppy under Judge Debbie Orwin. As you can see above sneaking a kiss to the judge. This was a very hot show only 108 degrees!

Rancho Cardova show 6/27-6/28

Boomer looking good.

Boomer on the table.


Rancho Cardova show 6/27-6/28

Tara looking good on the table

Tara looking good.

Tara won best of breed novice puppy 2 of the 4 shows and took reserve best in show on both days.

Premier 2009 Weight Pull All Stars in Michigan.

Vinny pulling with great heart.

Vinny had a great 3 days of pulling this was 935 pounds.

Vinny was the number 3 dog in the all others catagory for 2008 weight pullers. At the all stars pull on Friday Vinny did a great job and took 2nd for all other breeds we were so happy for little Vin. On the Saturday pull we pulled him for his 35 times weight and pulled him out so he could pull more on Sunday. On Sunday I could not believe how great he pulled! He had pulled his all time best on a cart, 935 pounds and started to pull 1015 but couldn't get the wheels to go. He ended up taking 2nd, and in our eyes that was a first. He also make so new friends at Delta air lines that just loved him. He was treated excellent and all they could say was how much they loved him and how funny he was.

Premier 2009 6/14 in Michigan.

Cyra in terrier group.

Cyra in group.

Cyra had a great weekend. She won 3 out of the 4 best in breeds. We couldn't have asked for anything more.

Premier 2009 6/13 in Michigan.

Cyra in goup.

Cyra lookin great in group.

There were 15 other terriers in this group and Cyra gave it a good run. She made the cut of 7 dogs and was put in to the 5th spot. She had won breed this day and was just on a great roll.

UKC Premier 2008 top ten in Michagan.

Cyra and Adrian make the cut

Cyra wins theTop Ten Best of Breed!

This was such a great experience to go back east and see the other Top Ten Patterdales. The Top Ten is only for dogs that ranked for the previous year to see who was the best of breed for the previous year. It was really nice to meet Bruce who had some very nice dogs, and to finally meet Fay with all of our dogs relatives. . More pictures are soon to come from the show.

Claremont show 5/22-5/24

Cyra looking solid in the ring.

Brass looking good in the ring.

It was a great weekend for the Patterdales. Cyra won 6 Best of Breeds and 2 group 2's.

Claremont show 5/22-5/24

CMC's Tara the Terror of Oakleaf


It was not a bad show for the little Terror I mean Tara lol. She took one best in show puppy novice and two reserve best in show puppy novice. There was a lot of nice competition.

Reno pull 5/8-5/10

Vinny pulling 2000 pounds.

Vinny pulling 2360 pounds.

Vinny had a great weekend. He took pound for pound all three days. He had a great day on Saturday with a percentage of 111 times his weight but on Sunday he pulled his all time highest with 131 times his body weight.

Reno Pull 5/8-5/10

Brass at his first pull for 200 pounds.

Brass with his qualifing ribbon.

Brass was trying to figure it out but on the last day pulled 200 pounds for a qualifing pull. We knew he could do it.

Ione races 5/2-5/9

Brass starting to get the hang of it in the orange muzzle.

Shay Jr. keeping it in the family.

The brothers both seen there first terrier race today. It was the first time both had a muzzle on and seen a lure. They started of slow but as the day went on they started to get it. They had a lot of fun.

Ione races 5/2-5/3

Klaire out in the lead.

Klaire in the air.

Klaire earned her USR and UFR this weekend. She raced like a champ.

Modesto show 4/25-4/26


Shay JR.

The brothers kept it in the family on Sunday at the show. Both Shay JR. and Brass earned their Grand Champion degree today. We are so proud that the brothers accomplished this on the same day. Thanks to everyone that helped me at the show this weekend since I was there solo...Tiff enjoyed a girls weekend!

Reno show 4/18-4/19

Tara the Terror seeing her first show.

Captain Boomer watching all the patterdales. Thinking to himself "Look at me, I can do that".


Reno show 4/18-4/19

Cyra in group and taking 1st!

Shay JR winning Reserve best in show under Sandra Drake.

It was a great weekend for the Patterdales. Cyra started with a Terrier group one but not to be out done by her son doing the same and topping it off with a Reserve Best in Show. Weenie was on a roll, his first show in the champions class winning all 4 this weekend!

Modesto Show 3/15

Cyra wins Breed under Judge Avril Black

Cyra wins her first BIMBS under Judge Avril Black

This was a very special day. Cyra won her first BEST IN MULTI BREED SHOW under Judge Avril Black. Thank you to Ray for getting her to group, and to Deb for showing her in group and helping Cyra win her very first BIMBS.

Modesto Show 3/15

From front to back : Cyra, Brass, and Shamus Reflection


A family in the ring!

Modesto Show 3/14

All the Patterdales were out!

Shamus Reflection

The mother and her two sons ready to show!

Modesto show 3/14/09

Brass winning Best of Breed under Barbara Marin

Morgan winning Champions class and being spanned.

It was a great first show of '09. Brass received his 3rd leg towards his Grand Championship and a best of breed and his mother Cyra also won a best in breed. Hopefully a start to a good year.

Ione Terrier Races 2/28-3/1

Vinny waiting to go in.

Vinny out ahead and winning the Flat Race.

Thanks Jennifer and Sarah for his custom muzzle.

Ione Terrier Races 2/28-3/1

Cyra winning at the Flat Race

Cyra winning at the Steeplechase Race


Ione Terrier Races 2/28-3/1

Vinny out ahead and winning in the Flat Race

Vinny going for the gold.


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