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News 2010

Rancho show 7/25

Ruby moving

Ruby in the ring.


Ranch show 7/25

Ruby on the table

Looking good

Ruby had a great first show. She won puppy best in show for the 7/24 show and Maggie and Michael have done a great job with her.

Rancho Show 7/25

Me and my favorite Presa Vila

Cathy and Teja

Yes this is me and Vila, I know she is a little big and has a tail with cropped ears but she is a Presa.

Rancho show 7/25

Cyra being Spanned by Carol Gaines

Cyra moving in the ring.


Ranch Show 7/25

Party on the Table

Party moving in the ring

Party is out of Summer who is out of Cyra. Party and Tara were battling it out all weekend spilting breed on both days.

Premier Top Ten and Total Dog

UNJ USR UFR UWP GRCH CMC's Tara the Terror of Oakleaf

Tara earns a Total Dog!

This was such a great weekend and I have to thank Cathy for everything. She has done such a great job with training Tara. This little Patterdale was meant for Cathy the two of them were meant for each other.

Premier Richmond Indiana 7/11/10

Cyra going for more wins in the flat.

Cyra in overdrive.


Premier Purina Challenge Richmond Indiana 7/10/10

Tara racing with heart.

Tara going for the win.

This was the first ever Purina Challenge. The fastest of all the classes got to race to see who was top dog. The previous race Tara had cut her paw open and we were not sure if we should race her but Cathy Tara's mom said go for it. Tara is in the the 10 to 12.5 class she raced a up to 15inch Patterdale and a up to 20inch Jagyd Terrier. Tara gave it her all and won the race. This show the speed this little dog has going up agains much larger dogs with more leg.

Premier Terrier Race Richmond Indiana 7/10/10

Tara going for the win.

Tara is flying.


Premier Terrier Race Richmond Indiana 7/10/10

Tara on her way to a win.

Tara doing it again with Cyra close behind her in green.


Premier Richmond Indiana 7/10/10

Tara in for group.

Tara going for a 9'10" jump.

What a day for Tara. She earned a Total Dog, earned her UFR USR titles and also earned her novice dock diving title. Yes all that in one show and not to mention that she won the TOP TEN Best of Breed for Patterdales.

Premier Richmond Indiana 7/10/10



These are some friends of CMC from Michigan. Adrian took Best of Breed on Friday and Jet took Best of Breed on Sunday. Very nice dogs with great owners.

Premier Terrier Race All Stars Richmond Indiana 7/9/10

Cyra with all her wins looking good.

Cyra getting AIR

Cyra was the fastest open 10" to 12.5" in steeples. She also raced the APR divison winner and WON! She is the 2009 All Star Steeple Race Winner. She will be put on the wall of fame at UKC. Cyra and Tara reall had a great week.

Premier Terrier Race All Stars Richmond Indiana 7/9/10

Cyra racing in the steeple race.

Cyra going for another win.


Premier Terrier Race All Stars Richmond Indiana 7/9/10

Cyra on her way to a win.

Cyra going for another win.

Cyra was the winner for flat open All Stars for 10" to 12.5". She raced with great heart and she turned 5 this year! Her and her grand daughter really showed what the CMC dogs are all about Conformation with Drive. They are true performance dogs and showed it this past week.

Lure racing in Fairfield 6/19/10

Brass, Cyra and Tara

Cyra and Tara

This is Grand Mother, Son and Grand Daughter racing.

PTCA Nationals 2010

Tara with her award

Tara in the ring with all the girs.

Congratulaions to Cathy with Tara on her back to back National Championship Best in show. She is the first dog to do this and she is only 15 months old! Tara also received her COG certificate of gameness this weekend. There will be more photos to come for the PTCA 2010 show in Tennesse.

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Northern California


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