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PTCA National 2010

Tara wins Best in Show at the PTCA Nationals for the second straight year!
Cathy and Judge Pamela P. Simmons
In the ring in the female class.
Lure coursing at the JRTCA Olympics
Waiting to run!
Duney ready to go.

Lure coursing at the JRTCA Olympics

Hagi waiting for her turn
Duney taking off

Hagi taking the corner
Tara trying to catch the lure.

Tara in go to ground at the JRTCA Olympics she took 1st for this run.

Tara in super earth. She took 2nd place for this run.

Tara in the barn hunt at the JRTCA Olympics

Brass in the barn hunt. He took 5th place for this and could have done much better if it was not for the handler...

Brass ready to race at the terrier races at the JRTCA Olympics
Brass off to the races with his first of many wins.

Terrier races in Tennessee
Brass took the championship for all days of racing. He won 4 out of 5 races.


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