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Boomer pulling 460 pounds in Fallon Nevada.

Weight pull 4-30-11 5-1-11

Terrier racing 4/30/11

Terrier racing 4/30/11

Tara with another winning jump. She ended up taking first at splash dogs in the lap dog division.

Tara at Cal Expo in Sacramento California

Pax with another great jump.

Our good friend Bob with Pax jumping at the state fair in Sacramento California.

Cathy was trying to keep Tara from Jumping over 10 foot so she could earn her title.

Dock diving at premier in Indiana.

Training on the rails.

Vinny pulls 131 times his weight his best ever!

Vinny pulls 117 times his weight.

Vinny wins Steeplechase in Ione on 2/28/09

Vinny wins Flat Race in Ione 2/28/09

Cyra wins Flat Race in Ione on 2/28/09

Cyra wins Steeplechase Race in Ione 2/28/09

  Reno pull on 10/11/08
Vinny pulls his all time best 2240 pounds! He had previously pulled 2000 pounds and that was a great pull. This was a very cold pull and  we even had snow. We always let Vinny pull what we think he can and he did us very proud this weekend. He came in first for the pull winning most weight pull per body weight.

 Mack wins group and then takes a 2nd in Terrier Group at the Hayward show on 9/6/08.


Switch winning best of breed. This was her first show in over a year. This was at the Hayward show on 9/7/08.

This is a video of Vinny pulling 1280 on his way to pull his best pull at 2000 pounds. This was a long time coming for him a lot of work and training went into this. Thanks again to Bob for all the help coaching he put into Vinny. This was at the UKC pull on 8/16/08. He took first place at 100 times his weight.

UWP GRCH CMC's Mighty Mack of Dodgion TT earned his UWP this weekend on 8/16/08. He pulled 43 times his weight at 13 pounds he pulled 560.

Vinny Pulls 2000 pounds 100 times his weight and gets first place at the pull on 8/16/08. He also earned his UWPCHX title also. This was the first time Vinny had pulled 2000. Enjoy the video.

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Email: cmcpatterdales@gmail.com
Jason Crociani
Northern California


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