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CMC Patterdales



Hello and thanks for visiting the site. We are located in Northern California and we are all about Patterdales. They are high performance dogs in a small package. These little guys show no fear and are very confident in sport or hunting. Our goal for CMC is to have dogs that are true to the standard keeping them spannable with great drive and ability. We do a lot of events with our dogs like Weight Pulling, Conformation, Racing and even have tried dock diving and flyball. We really try to find things that the dogs enjoy to do and we never push them. Please read the bios on all the dogs to see what they have been involved in. You can also click on the accoplishments page to see all the titles and certificates that they have earned. We usually have around 1 litter a year and we only breed the dogs after they have proven they will be an asset to our program. Our past pups have been very successful in conformation, weight pull and races. They also have been successful in the field on Ground Hog and Boar. Our pups a put through a very intensive socialization process and are then give a temperament test before they go to their new families. Our pups have ranged in size from 13 pounds to 17 pounds and all have been very spannable. If you are new to the Patterdale or Terriers and are wondering what spannable is check out the breed standard page. It is a very important part of this breed so that they can get into the earth to hunt and also get out. We feed all of our dogs the best diet possibe...raw. All the dogs and even puppies are given raw. We feed raw chicken that we grind with supplements and oils. We occasionally add some variety of meat along with some veggies. We have been on a raw diet for the past 2 years and we have seen nothing but improvements with the dogs on this diet. If you have any questions on the breed or just looking to talk dog please feel free to call us or email us. Thanks again for visiting the site.

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Email: cmcpatterdales@gmail.com
Jason Crociani
Northern California


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