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Our Photos
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Vinny ready for the pull

Vinny pulling!

Thanks Vicky for the photo.

Klaire on Vacation.



Lure racing.

He is a natrual.

We would really like to thank the Central Valley Rat Terrier Club for inviting us to this fun event. The Patterdales loved it.

Lure racing.


We would really like to thank the Central Valley Rat Terrier Club for inviting us to this fun event. The Patterdales loved it.

Lure racing

Mack getting it with help!

We would really like to thank the Central Valley Rat Terrier Club for inviting us to this fun event. The Patterdales loved it.

Weight pull training.

Klaire pulling 600.


Mighty Mack


Mack looking good at the Dixon UKC show.

CMC's HK's Hot Summer Night


This is a nice looking 6 month old pup out of Ch. Stonelane's Abe and Ch. Linruffs Got it Hot.

Klaire at fly ball training.


These dogs can really do it all. Klaire is a weight pull champion, conformation champion, has taken first place in terrier race, dock diving and now is trying to work at flyball. What a dog!

Reno pull 11/10-11/11

CMC pulling in competition.

CMC had a great time he loves dogs and now loves to pull them. I would like to thank everyone that was at the pull for the hospitality and Carlo wants to say Thanks Again!

Loomis Show

Vinny on his way to a first place. Vinny pulled 42 times his body weight.


At Bodega Bay



Half Brothers


Younger brother Mack out with his bro Vinny at the Splash Dog event in Vallejo.


Vinny still flying.


Click here to see a video of Vinny training.

Friends of CMC



CMC's Black Gamba

Garvey working on a tug at protection class.



Polly moves very nice!


Cyra at UKC show.

Thanks again Cathy!


CH. Stonelane's Abe



Mighty Mack at the Sparks show on 9/22

Mack looking good in the ring.



Cyra (CopperheadxCopper Kettle)


Having Fun



Races in Sacramento

Cyra showing her speed.

Cyra took the best oppisite for the race.


Showing off the white on her feet.


Races in Sacramento

Vinny is in over drive.

Vinny took first in his divison.

Friends of CMC



Father and Son.

Vinny the Son.


Vinny pulling 500 pounds.



Tunnel training for the first time. Thanks Scott!

Vinny going in.


Vinny waiting to pull with his friend.

Nor Cal's Malo


On a Hike.

At the old tree.


Switch's Parents

Patton's Red



Not so Cool


Mack and Armando at the Lure races in Hanford.

Armando was a little anxious to get at the lure.



Vinny at 6 month's pulling.


Friends of CMC



Mother and Daughter



Mighty Mack

Mack thinks he is bigger than Armando.


Vinny in the snow checking things out.




Danner likes the snow!

This a male out of the Vinny and Red litter.

Vinny pulling 775 pounds.

Happy with his pull.


Some of Bennys dogs.

Patton's Red


Gangsters Patterdales

The Gang


Racing in Oakdale 10/6-10/7

Klaire eats grass!

Klaire and Cyra had the battle of the Chocolates! As you can see Klaire miss judged the jump by just a little.

Fenway looking good in a Vette



Mother and Daughter

Linruff's Got it Hot (Cyra)


Autumn Russels' High Voltage



Out tracking.


These are great harnesses made by Bill Forbes from Full Grip Gear. Thanks Bill.

CH. CMC's Lady Asia


Nice looking female pup 6 months old out of Ch. Stonelane Abe x Ch Linruffs Got it Hot.

Patton's Red


Red is the dam to CH. Bensons Live Wire also know as Switch.

Mack at UKC show.

Mack being spanned by the judge.


Swich at the Rancho Cardova UKC show.

Switch gets her Championship for conformation!


Asia behaving herself.

Asia getting air at the Rancho Cordova UKC show 8/19/07


Reno pull 11/10-11/11

CMC finishing the pull off nicely.


Asia Swimming

Asia taking a dip.


Vinny's big friends the Presa's



Friends of CMC

Nor Cals Malo


Friends of CMC who likes to BITE!

She likes her legs.


Vinny pulling his way to a second Total dog in Modesto.

Vinny wants more!


Presa's in Modesto

Tequilla on his way to his Total Dog


Pulling in Modesto

Pug Power!



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Email: cmcpatterdales@gmail.com
Jason Crociani
Northern California


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